Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Hello there SO Olive Drab cassettes are completed and you can pick them up from the band or the webstore.  same goes with Cruddler's D+ cassette.

Get down on some ODrabbydrabb
incase you aren't yet familiar with these fellas they are also members of the sniffles, pirouette, hightide hotel, n glocca morra

So this is a race dog owned by who?
dave and ben from hightide hotel and nate from glocca morra/stable boys playing songs about how much parties suck even though sometimes there's partying.

ON another note i will be touring with Congenital Death until January 6th so mailorders will be postponed until then.  BUT if you order early i'll feel bad and probably throw in misprint patches and other garbage i find in the RANCH house which range from cool stickers to cigarette boxes.

you get it right

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